Put your admission operations on auto-pilot.

Why should you care?

Enrollment-as-a-Service offers an automated solution to help school admissions appear more accessible and make admission operations easier to manage.

Big universities have been offering online applications for a number of years, but smaller colleges have been slower in adopting this strategy. The challenge for many institutions has been in meeting the need for a user-friendly application process at a low cost. The solution has arrived in the form of software solutions that leverage public cloud computing, our platform only requies the administrator to verify affiliation with the respective institution via email.

Save hours of sorting filtering and mailing

Enrollment-as-a-Service has emerged in order to better manage the process of enrollment. It only requires two steps — step one is signing up for the service, and step two is setting the entry requirements for admission. Parents and students apply via the platform and the applications are filtered and communication is done automatically to notify applicants of their application status.

EaaS will streamline the process of getting into a school for the parents by eliminating overcrowding and save precious time taken by trips to the office.




Explore and apply to top-rated schools — phront.page

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Explore and apply to top-rated schools — phront.page

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